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Dr. George Anka

Master of Science degree Northwestern University
Advance Graduate Orthodontic' degree Northwestern University
Member of American Association of Orthodontists
Member of World Federation of Orthodontist
Associate Professor of Nihon University
Member of the Advisor Committee of WIOC (World Implant Orthodontics Conference
Member of Japanese Board of Orthodontics Association
American Equilibration society


We welcome you to our home page, an opportunity to know us; the benefit for you is it may open up a path way to own a Beautiful Smile as you go through the information provided, the content will enable you to know of how important it is to have a beautiful smile. We think that it is necessary to become acquainted with our service and the procedure before make your first visit. This is our key motive. We are qualified professionals on this field and are doing the best to render the finest possible RESULTS for you and at the same time bring you to a PLEASANT and REWARDING experience each time you visit our office.
Whether you just come by for a FREE consultation which we do provide, or come to attain a dream-come-true of a beautiful smile - you are always welcomed. By the time you step into our office you will immediately realize that we are fully equipped with Knowledge and Expertise to provide you with Contemporary World Class Orthodontic services with state-of-the-art equipment combined with personalized attention.


Received Orthodontic education and graduated from one of the distinguished Dental School in North America, The Northwestern University Department of Orthodontics, where history pledged it as the institution where leaders of Orthodontic science had been doing their research, and so did Dr. Anka. He made his research and dissertation, debut as an orthodontist, coming out as one of the best postgraduate students with Master of Science Degree.
After graduation Dr. Anka has been practicing and serving Tokyo metropolitan area especially Tama city and its surrounding areas for 29 years, while serving as Associate Professor at Nihon University Department of Orthodontics.
Dr. George Anka, who is considered as a pioneer in art of Implant Orthodontics, has also many firsts in his chosen field like being the first to advocate state-of-the-art Spring type Bite Jumping Appliance to eliminate the wear of extra oral orthodontic appliance devises such as HEADGEAR, the refinement of which is now being use all over the world. He is active in field of Surgical Orthodontics and Early Treatment to name a few. The reason behind it is that Dr. Anka has been trained as Oral Surgeon, that has made him a unique expert in the area of Surgical Orthodontics.
Dr. Anka is a professional lecturer, teaching in Dental Universities across Japan and overseas, presenting scientific papers at major Orthodontic Meetings worldwide, also dedicating his time for other colleagues, while believing that science is for everyone.
He joins activities in the local community and public schools of Tama city as public health doctor. These are ways to give back in return of what has been received during his education as a science student. He is currently in an attempt to bring up science and clinical expertise to a higher level so he can serve his patients better.
At present also, Dr Anka is active in nonprofit organization activities such as in World Implant Orthodontics Conferences to help in transferring the State of the Science in orthodontists to every corner of the world.

Sekido Orthodontic Office Supervisor Dr. George Anka is the beholder of the WFO (World Federation of Orthodontics fellowship.


We understand your desire to seek the best possible orthodontic care for you or your child. We pride ourselves on our honesty and patient respect, and assure you the best possible orthodontic treatment available: we use the most advance orthodontics technology for the best result. We currently share our knowledge thru lecturing all over the world.

American Association of Orthodontists membership

American Association of Orthodontists membership is only own by person who graduated from credential North America Dental School Orthodontic Department within the qualification of The American Association of Orthodontists.

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What makes us special

Gift and Office's Decor

Gift and Office's Decor

Gift and Office's Decor

Win prizes in our Patient Rewards Contest for appointment and compliance

Earn "gifts" for excellent compliance.

Interesting original artwork and decor.

When you enter our office, you will get a feeling of our uniqueness. Much care was taken in the design to make each office visit relaxed and enjoyable-a truly positive experience, it is like entering a Jungle Jim exodus before having your teeth fixed . We also decorate our office with flowers for all flower‘s lover, it is an Ikebana art as many of our staff including doctors are Ikebana art Masters too! Many of the paintings on the wall are painted by Dr Anka!

What is Special?

We are Professional Orthodontists

Each Doctor has completed a rigorous orthodontic residency after attending dental school.

The Golden Team

  • Attained ‘Advance Graduate Orthodontic' degree from Northwestern University and Master Degree of Orthodontics.
    Member of Japanese Board of Orthodontics
    Associate Professor of Nihon University Department of Orhodontic.
    Supervisor of Sekido Orthodontics Office.
  • After graduation from Kanagawa Dental University, trained at the Department of Orthodontics for advance Orthodontic Training.
    Member of Japanese Orthodontics Association.
    Has been joined Sekido Orthodontics Office for 21 years.
    Director of Sekido Orthodontics Office.

You are cared by two doctors

The benefit of having two doctors in the office is tremendous. Although Dr. Anka and Dr. Aonuma have very similar treatment philosophies, the doctor's routinely confer with each other to establish definitive treatment plans in their patient's best interest.

All options of treatment are presented

The patient is informed of the treatment options available so they can make the best informed choice.

Parents are informed of treatment progress at each appointment

We make a conscious effort at every appointment to update you on treatment and if it is progressing according to schedule. We are committed to keeping you informed and we will always make time to answer your questions.

We do not use recycled braces or bands that were used in someone else's mouth!

Although a legal and common practice, we never use recycled braces. We feel braces are precision devices manufactured to be in one mouth only!

Treatment is completed within the estimated treatment time.

We have a very high success rate of completing treatment within the estimated treatment time. We pay close attention to the best time to initiate treatment and make sure not to start a child's treatment too early. Efficient systems are in place to help ensure that treatment is completed on schedule with the best possible result.

Up to date sterilization systems are in place.

Our instruments are autoclave sterilized between every patient. Single-use/disposable items are used when possible.

State-of-the-art appliances bring our treatment to a new level of clinical performance.

  • Our clear brackets are virtually invisible and are designed to move the teeth efficiently. White coated wires are available as well.
  • Nickel-titanium arch wires create a continuous-light force resulting in more efficient tooth movement with less discomfort to our patients.
  • Invisible Clear Aligner is one option for adult patient who wants unseen bracket (clear and removable). The appliance can be also use in conjunction before fixed appliance to reduced the show up brackets time.
  • Consequently treatment is completed more quickly with a more ideal occlusion (bite).
  • The majority of orthodontic relapse occurs along the lower front teeth and is usually caused from poor cooperation using a lower removable retainer. As a result we almost always recommend a permanent retainer on behind the lower front teeth. They are not visible and comfortable to wear. We will discuss with each patient a definitive retention plan tailored to their individual needs as treatment comes to completion.


Treatment is tailored to each patient's individual needs.

Care and consideration is taken by the doctor and staff to treat each patient as an individual and not a "cookie cutter" treatment approach where every patient receives the same treatment modality regardless of their chief reasons for seeking orthodontic care.

A commitment to communication at each visit.

We make a conscious effort to update you about you or your child's treatment at every appointment. With daily "appointment summarys" and periodic formal progress reviews, patients and parents are kept abreast about treatment and if it is progressing according to schedule.

Our secretary will take your phone calls in English

We will always make time to answer your questions.


Adults Orthodontic Treatment

Adults Orthodontic Treatment

Adults Orthodontic Treatment

Many of our patients are adults. The office has been designed taking into consideration the specific needs of adult patients. In each office, specific treatment areas were created to allow for more privacy. Treatment planning of adult patients differs from that of child patients. Treatment modalities have been created to minimize visits while maximizing efficiency to accommodate an adult's busy schedule.

Most adults choose to use clear braces that are virtually invisible or lingual orthodontic braces, or the combination of both. Our retainer is a clear plastic and/or lingual fixed retainer that is totally invisible.


Good News for Mild Skeletal Problem Patients!:

The use of TADs or Temporary Anchorage Devises has been tremendously advance as to be able to handle many of the Dental Alveolar Deformity as it is possible now to do Dental Alveolar Orthopedic Treatment more than ever in history of Orthodontic Treatment. This new technology means that it is possible to correct patients who do not like to under go Surgery and therefore Camouflage Treatment is possible with orthodontic alone. For details please consult us, one of the pioneer in the field. We take pride of this innovation as we also an Advisor Member of the WIOC (World Implant Orthodontics Conference) a world wide organization recognized by WFO (World Federation of Orthodontics). The American Orthodontics Association is also belongs to WFO.


Surgical Orthodontic Treatment

Approximately 5% to 7% of the United States population is believed to have skeletal facial deformities resulting in jaw malrelationships. Often in these situations, orthodontic treatment alone may provide an unstable and unpredictable solution to a severe malocclusion (bad bite relationship) and the result may be significantly compromised. Therefore, orthodontia, in conjunction with jaw surgery may be necessary to achieve a proper result. Following are different skeletal irregularities that orthodontics in conjunction with orthognathic surgery can address to improve the ability to chew, speak, breathe and in many cases enhance appearance.

Orthodontic and oral surgery team approach

Orthodontic and oral surgery team approach
Treatment is initiated by the orthodontist. Dr. Anka and Dr. Aonuma job is to properly align the teeth so that when the jaw is surgically moved the teeth will fit together properly. After the surgery further orthodontic tooth movement is necessary to finalize the result. Although for every patient the timing of treatment is different, a common scenario is as follows: 1. 6-12 months of presurgical orthodontic treatment 2. Orthognathic surgery procedures 3. 6-12 months of post-surgical orthodontic treatment.


Since the introduction of orthognathic surgery more than 25 years ago in our office, there has been a continous trend toward improvement in techniques and materials. If indicated, orthognathic surgery can be an optimal way to correct a specific dysfunction as well as give the patient an overall improvement in the quality of life.


The Process is smooth!

The new technology of TADs has eliminated the wear of HEADGEAR! Less extraction!

Dr. Anka is a Board Certified Specialist in Orthodontics . The National Board member is only around 300 within 6000 of Japanese Orthodontics Association. Not every orthodontist undertakes this rigorous, lengthy and ongoing examination process leading to Board Certified status. This is an honorable endeavor that allows Dr. Anka to pursue a mission as : to establish and maintain the highest standards of clinical excellence in orthodontics.

In our office you do not have to worry about pain and the treatment is definite progress to our common goal to give you the best smile in town. Your treatment will be an rewarding as well as an exciting one as you see how your teeth move without any pain! Your electrical smile is awaiting!

Tht speedy treatment!

In just a couple of months of braces I saw the result! No pain!
I am still in braces right now, but I am sure my dream of having a gorgeous smile will come true when the Sakura blooming next year.

Clear Aligner

We provide you one of the exciting technology of orthodontics no braces and a removable one that was thought to be impossible in the past: "Clear Aligner" a series of transparent plastic (10~20 pieces) that has to be used in sequent. Time of treatment approximately the same but not all cases can be treated this way,
so please contact us for details if you are interest in this technology of treatment.

Clear Aligner photo

The "V" sign testified of a wonderful experience in gaining  the  smile of her dream!

Smile Photo

Dr. Anka, Dr. Aonuma and I have been working together and as a result I gained this beautiful attractive smile now it is your turn to have one. It was an incredible experience that I went thru, fascinating and a lot of fun; I do recommend you the best orthodontic office in Tokyo when you need one!


Information & Access

Your Beautiful Smile Start From Here!

Call for appointment or complimentary consultation

Sekido Orthodontic Office: 042-337-2525
Office hours : 10:00AM to 19:00PM Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat and Sun.
No office on Monday ,Thursday and National Holidays


Sekido Orthodontic Office
Keio Seisekisakuragaoka Shopping Center A-2F
Sekido 1-11-1
Tama City
Tokyo 206-0011


Tama City is a bed town of Tokyo Metropolitan area with a superb access about 25 minutes from Shinjuku. Please ride the Keio line ("tokkyu" means super express train) of in the Hachioji direction (on platform No:3). In about 25 minutes, you will see the Tamagawa river as you cross the bridge. Please get off the train at Seisekisakuragaoka Station and exit from the East Exit. Call our office for directions when you get out of the station; if you are lost, our staff will be more than glad to meet you at the station. Do not forget to bring your cell phone for the above purpose (certainly there are public phone that you can use as well around the station).

Access information
Map and Orientation

If you drive, use the phone number navigation system or to Seisekisakuragaoka Station. You might like to park your car in the Keio Department Store Parking Lot, which located behind the rotary of the shopping center complex.
When you use the train, which we recommend, exit from the east gate of the Seisekisakuragaoka Station and walk toward the main street.(100m distance) and turn right where you will a flower shop, our office is on its second floor.
Do not hesitate to call if you get lost (042-337-2525).
When making your schedule, please look at our "Office's Calendar", so you can be sure that we are open that day and make appointment by phone during our working hours.
Office's News is also available and can be read by clicking to our Blog site.

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